Yuko Ueno   

Born 1976   Utsunomiya, Tochigi, Japan. 
Live in United States since 1997.

She studied life-size figure sculpture in clay with Barney Hodes 2001 for 4 years at The Art Students League and National Academy in New York. After graduate, she worked and self taught at her studio. She has received numerous awards including those from National Sculpture Society, Catharine Lorillard Wolfe Art Club, Art Kudos International Competition and National Academy.  She was also featured in publications NY Arts magazine, Art Calendar magazine, Blackan, Sculpture Community, American Dream and many other media. 

In 2007, she got inspired by Butterfly when she was in her hometown in Japan, and  she started creating butterfly art named “Magical Butterfly” influenced by beauty and life of nature, with message to save them. 

She creates 3D mixed media Butterfly Installation by her original method of making them. After she had a first solo exhibition in NYC 2008, currently she has been exhibiting different galleries and spaces. Yuko is a creater/director of  her own Art Performances combined art installation, music, and dance. Also work as a writer/creater for theater.

Yuko's recent work include: 'MyArtspace at SCOPE Miami 2010' finalist of  SCOPE MIAMI 2010 show,  Solo exhibition at JaNet Art Space, Theater Project: Creater/Installtion Artist "Tresures of Alcove" of "Spring pictures of the Floating world" Produced by Peculier Works Project at La Mama Theater.

上野 優子

栃木県宇都宮市生まれ。 1997年にニューヨークにダンスの勉強で渡米。

2001年に彫刻家に転身し、ニューヨークのアートスクールに通いバーニー・ホーデスのもとで4年間等身大具象彫刻を学び、その後アトリエを持ち独学で学ぶ。 具象彫刻家として活動しながら多数の賞を受賞し高い評価を得た。 その中には、ナショナル・スカルプチャー・ソサエティー(全米彫刻家協会), キャサリン・ローラード・ウォルフ・アートクラブ, アート・クドス国際コンペティションなど。主な雑誌, 新聞の掲載には, NY Arts magazine, Art Calendar magazine, Blackan, Sculpture Community, Beauty News NYC,下野新聞, アメドリ、NY生活など。

2007年の日本帰国時に地元で蝶との出会いがあり、それを境に森林保護、自然の美と命をテーマにした”Magical Butterfly” マジカル・バタフライをスタートし蝶を創作し始める。 独自の製法でミックスメディアの材料を使い立体で出来た無数の蝶のインスタレーションを創作している。2008年にニューヨークでの初個展を経て、現在はニューヨークを拠点に展示をする他、インスタレーション作品と音楽、ダンスを1つのステージにしたアートパフォーマンス活動、シアターアート/脚本家としても活動している。

MyArtSpace at SCOPE Miami 2010 ファイナリストSCOPE MIAMI 2010展示、JaNetアートスペース個展、La Mama シアター ペキュリアワークスプロデュース"Spring pictures of the Floting world"の1話 "Tresures of Alcove" インスタレーション/脚本 担当。

Photo by Youngkyu Park



BORN    1976 Utsunomiya, Tochigi, JapanMoved to United States 1997


        National Academy School of Fine Arts, New York, NY

        The Art Students League, New York, NY  


2012     Peacock Buterfly, JaNet Art Space, New York, NY

2008  Treasures of The Earth, Tribal Spears Gallery, New York, NY


 2012  Technical Instructor’s Exhibition, The Phyllis Harriman Mason Gallery, New York, NY
            Mebuku Art Exhibition, Kensennuma-shi, Miyagi, Japan

            Mebuku Art Exhibition, JaNet At Space, New York, NY 
 2011 Contemporary Art Fair NYC, The Javits Center, New York, NY
            2011 Showcase Winners Exhibition - Round 4, ArtSlant
           "Japanese Artists in New York:  Miho Takai, Hibiki Kobayashi, Yuko Ueno"
            3 Person Exhibition, Tenri Cultural Institute, New York, NY
            Art For Japan  A New York City Artist Benefit,  Studio 57 Fine Art, New York, NY
            2011 Showcase Winners Exhibition,  ArtSlant
            ASL Staff Exhibition, Manhattan Borough President’s Office, New York, NY


The 13th Annual Postcards from the Edge benefit for Visual AIDS, 

CRG Gallery,  New York

2010   Scope Miami 2010, Miami, Florida

    On The Grid, Camel Art Space, Brooklyn, NY

     Moments of Being, Space Womb Gallery, Long Island City, NY

      The Technical Instructor’s Exhibition,  The Phyllis Harriman Mason Gallery, 

            New York, NY

  Center City Galleries Grand Opening, Center City Galleries, Paterson, NJ

     African Heritage Celebration Show, H&M Art Gallery, New York, NY

2009  Straight 7 Arts Show, H&M Art Gallery, New York, NY

    Technical Instructor’s Exhibition, The Phyllis Harriman Mason Gallery, New York, NY

2008  Technical Instructor’s Exhibition, The Phyllis Harriman Mason Gallery, New York, NY

   Eco Park -Exhibition & Workshop, NHK Center, Tokyo, Japan

Eco Fashion Show, Earth Day New York, NY

2007  The Catharine Lorillard Wolfe Art Club 111th Annual Exhibition; 

           The National Arts Club, New York, NY

2006  The Allied Artists of America 93rd Annual Exhibition; The National Arts Club, 

             New York, NY

   The Catharine Lorillard Wolfe Art Club 110th Annual Exhibition;

             The National Arts Club, New York, NY

   The National Sculpture Society 73rd Annual Exhibition; Quick Center for the Arts, Fairfield University, CT

The National Sculpture Society 73rd Annual Exhibition, Brookgreen Gardens,

              Pawleys Island, SC

    2006 Art Kudos International Exhibition; Art Kudos Online Gallery

   September Exhibition; World Fine Art Gallery, New York, NY

    Grand Opening Celebration; Tribal Spears Gallery, New York, NY

        Java Studio Art show; Java Studio Gallery, Brooklyn, NY

        Art in the Park; 4th Annual Uptown Arts Stroll Group Show, New York, NY

          29th Annual Juried Exhibition for Non-menbers; Salmagundi Club, New York, NY

          Recent Sculpture; LIC Arts Weekend, Jackson Avenue Building, Long Island City, NY

        Nude; Java Studio Gallery, Brooklyn, NY

          2006 Grants and Merit Exhibitions; Cork Gallery, Lincoln Center, New York, NY

       Java Winter Show; Java Studio Gallery, Brooklyn, NY

    Projekt 30 February Exhibition; Projekt 30 Online Gallery

2005  2005 8th Annual Juried Exhibition; National Academy Museum, New York, NY

2004  2004 Seventh Annual Juried Exhibition; National Academy Museum, New York, NY

2003  Sculpture Works; The Phyllis Harriman Mason Gallery, New York, NY


2012     Art Performance "Night's Dream of Peacock Butterfly" by Yuko Ueno 
               ~Charity Event for Japanese Earthquake Disaster
2011     One Night Art Performance "Queen of Magical Butterfly"  by Yuko Ueno

Theater & Performance

2012  Peculiar Works Project Presents "Spring Pictures of the Floating World"

           "Treasures of Alcove" at La Mama Theater

            Installation/ Created by Yuko Ueno


2011 Winner of the 2011 Showcase Comprtition- Round 4, ArtSlant
             Winner of the 2011 Showcase Competition- Round 1, ArtSlant 


2010    Top  50 finalists in the Scope Miami 2010 Competition

                     1st Prize in Nature, Center City Gallery


Harriet Whitney Frishmuth Award for Bronze Sculpture

2006  C. Percival Dietsh Prize, National Sculpture Society
   Third Place in  2006 Art Kudos International Exhibition

            Harriet Whitney Frishmuth Traveling Scholarship for Sculpture

      Inga Denton School Scholarship

2005 Dr. Ralph Weiler Mamorial Mid-Year Exhibition Prize 

                 Trudy and Henry Gillette Painting Scholarship

2004 Tallix Casting Prize

2003 Gladys Blum Scholarship      


                 Ogden Pleissner Scholarship    


             Harriet Whitney Frishmuth Traveling Scholarship for Sculpture  


Interview & Article -

                   Beauty News NYC

        Shimotsuke Newspaper 

        Art Calendar -Februrary 2007 issue

        American Dream “Front Cover and Interview” 

        Yomi Time “who”

        New York Cafe Dot Com “Success Interview” 

        Blackan -Jan/Feb 2007

        Shukan NY seikatsu 


Review -     Art Kudos by Shannon Richardson

Sculpture Community

         NY Arts Magazine


Radio & TV -   AM Tochigi  Japan

               Internet TV Ustream

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